Planning Your Deck

The best premium decking plan understands your needs and wants; how elaborate or simple you want your deck to be, and how you plan to use it.  Take a look at existing premium decks for inspiration and ideas, then let the Geneva Deck Company design team help you visualize the perfect outdoor extension to your home.  A custom designed deck adds real value to your home, and memories to share with family and friends for years to come.

Deck Options and Design Influences

Do you strive for elegant solutions that quietly impress, or does your comfort zone defer to simplicity, function and reliability?  Perhaps you want to make a statement, creating a design sensation with a deck plan that involves intricately shaped inlays, an awe-inspiring kitchen, a fire pit, and  soothing hot tub.  Whatever your preference, we can achieve your design goal.

The Style of Your Home Influences Deck Design

The design of your premium deck will depend upon the style and structural layout of your home, including such things as architectural style, shape of  your home, number of levels, and even the color of your home.  Geneva Deck will fully evaluate all elements to design a deck that enhances your existing structure with an inspiring outdoor experience.

The variety of deck options is limited only by your imagination!